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Class Schedule  



                                                            Mrs. Toole's                            


                                                                        Second Grade Class Schedule    

                                                         7:30-8:30-lexia students got to remediation

                                                         8:00-9:30 Reading

                                                                           9:30-10:00 AR M-Fr/ Book Buddy with Johnson's Class T-Th





                                                                          M,T,W,TH,F --PE-12:30-Wheel -1:30  / Remediation 12:30-1:30 M, T, W, Th, F

                                                                         Monday- Music-                                     Rem.-Lvl. 1--12:30    Rem. Lvl.2--1:00

                                                                        Tuesday-Computer                            Rem.-Lvl. 1--12:30    Rem. Lvl. 2--                                                                        Wednesday-Music                                      Rem. Lvl. 1--12:30    Rem. Lvl. 2--1:00

                                                                         Thursday- Computer                         Rem. Lvl. 1--12:30    Rem. Lvl. 2--1:00               

                                                                          Friday-Computer-(1st 9 wks.) & ( 3rd 9 wks)   Rem. Lvl. 1--12:30   Rem. Lvl. 2--1:00

                                                                          1:30-2:00 -Writing / Language Arts


                                                                          2:30-2:55-Social Studies

                                                                          2:30-2:45 Snack

                                                                          2:55- Dismiss 1st load to Whites and car riders /walkers              

                                                                          2:55-Take 2nd  load and White's 2nd load out to buses.