Press Release---Jackson County School District’s Employees of the Year




Jackson County School District’s Employees of the Year


Superintendent Steve R. Benton, Sr. and the District School Board Members extend their congratulations to the nominees for each category of the Employee of the Year program.  All nominees were recognized by their peers to represent their school/work location.


Today, the district recognized Eddie Ellis and Sue Ann Tharp as District Administrators of the Year.  Superintendent Benton, Board Members, and several district staff members surprised the following district winners at their respective schools:


                Nakia Williams, Paraprofessional at Malone School          

                Vivian F. Ford School-Related Employee of the Year


                Tom Burnette, Teacher at Marianna High School

                Jackson County Rookie Teacher of the Year


                Hannah Wilkes, Teacher at Cottondale High School

                Jackson County Teacher of the Year


Superintendent Benton states, “I am both honored and proud to serve with you on the best team of employees one could ever find.  Congratulations to all the nominees and the district winners for their outstanding accomplishments.”